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Commission sheet October 1st - 31st

Some new prices for October only ~
(Reblog for a free colored sketch of one character? <3)


To order art, send me a note/ask or an email to with the following information:

Name: (Tumblr/Deviant ID)
Reference Picture/s: (The more the better)
Details: (What characters, poses, anything unclear from the pictures)

Will draw:
Fanart (Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Zelda, etc)
Original Characters
And more. Just ask

Check my DeviantART for samples other than animal crossing

Once your order has been received. I’ll either accept or decline.
If accepted, send payment through the Donation button.
Once payment has been received, your art will be started within 24 hours.
Your art should take no more than a week. (If it’s a big piece, it can take longer)

You’ll get sketch WIP’s and you will be able to request changes, and from there we’ll work forward.

All prices are in USD, and I only accept payments through paypal.
(I will also accept payment through Canadian & US eshop cards)


$5 for up to 2 characters
Extra characters: +$1 each

Colored Sketch
$6 for up to 2 characters
Extra characters: +$2 each


$6 for up to 2 charactersExtra characters: +$2 each

$7 for up to 2 characters
Extra characters: +$2 each


Shaded - three styles to choose from
$10 for up to 2 characters
Extra characters: +$3 each



Simple background
Lineart - +$3
Flatcolored - +$4
Shaded - +$5


Complex background
Lineart - +$5
Flatcolored - +$7
Shaded - +$9


Anonymous asked:

What is your favourite colour? Do you have a boyfriend? What is your favourite kind of cake? What are two of your most embarassing secrets? When is your birthday?

Purple, and green. Together they make a really nice combination ~ I’d like to paint my room purple and green one day. Or purple and orange. Hmm.

Yes, I do have a boyfriend ~

I don’t like cake c:

Two embarassing secrets… xDI collect and sleep with plushies
I also name said plushies. (Brownie is currently taking up half my bed)

End of May ~


Anonymous asked:

Is Yookey and George your favorite ship? I see a lot of Yookey and George ships :333 what game are they from? or are they from an cartoon?

Haha well you can say that. Yookey is a character I originally created. That’s why she’s named Yookey (Josefin), after me. She’s also a red panda as it’s my very favorite animal. She’s got my characteristics irl (happy, goofy, really smiley and a bit clumsy). George is rayquaza128's character that he's created. It's based on him as well. It's got his characteristics (kind, caring and very accident prone) and it's his favorite animal. They're not from a game at all. They were originally created as Animal Crossing mayor fursonas and are not from a cartoon. They have become quite a lot more to us than that though. They are what we represent ourselves as in any art at this point, whether it's animal crossing related or not. c:


Anonymous asked:

Are there any tumblr artists that you admire? Do you follow many blogs??

I follow 11 blogs only. My dashboard is very empty and I like it that way. I’ve got another 10 or so blogs that I do follow, but have only bookmarked instead of actually followed as I don’t like it when my dashboard is too clogged up.

There are a few artists that I do admire yeah.
deenen has the most gorgeous watercolor art which really appeals to me as it’s so cute and childlike, and one of my dream jobs is to illustrate childrens books. I always look forward to seeing her art, it never fails to put a smile on my face. She’s a true artist.
cleopatra66 makes the most gorgeous chibis. Several years ago when I first met her on another site, she inspired me to draw digitally. However she recently created her tumblr and hasn’t posted much on here yet. You should check her out. :)
I love sp19047 ‘s art as well. He does a lot of silly concepts and adds really good expressions to his characters. I always enjoy seeing his work. c:

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